Water authorities agree that one thing they all have in common is an ageing and deteriorating sewer network.

Cracked and collapsed sewer lines, and disintegrated joint grouting leave the door open for thirsty tree roots to infiltrate the sewer system. The roots take up residence, grow aggressively and block sewer lines, resulting in disruption to the water authorities' mandate of ensuring a free flowing sewer network and meeting their EPA requirements.


RootOut is a formulation designed to kill roots in sewer lines.  It does so without harming the tree aboveground, but unlike other chemical root control products, presents very low potential to harm sewer treatment plants.

The key active in RootOut is diquat dibromide.  The use of diquat for the purpose of controlling roots in sewers is a globally patented application, and Lincoln Specialty Chemicals holds the exclusive license to exploit this technology in Australia.  The process was developed in the USA by a firm who are experts in the root control arena, and who continue to invest in root control technology.

A fundamentally key aspect of RootOut is that it is not a product to be used as a reactive measure. Its purpose is to provide long term benefit as part of a proactive maintenance program.  Dramatic reductions in blockage frequency are observed on first treatment, with further improvements realised with subsequent treatments, but the benefits cease if the root control program with RootOut is abandoned. After the first treatment, it is recommended that the lines are retreated 2 year down the track, and then every 3 years.

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The principal RootOut customers are water authorities, with whom we share a common objective: to significantly lower the frequency of blockages in sewer lines.  Lincoln Specialty Chemicals contracts directly with the water authorities, partnering with experienced and skilled applicators, all the while working closely the water authority throughout the entire project, from inception to evaluation, and beyond.

NOTE:  RootOut is not presently offered to the home-owner sector.


For answers to some of the more common questions relating to RootOut, please click here.

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